The YFEL annual calendar of activities is carefully designed, enabling members to widen their knowle...

IEEE Time Technology serves as a unique platform to share visions and missions in emerging technologies.

The symposium brings together CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, and leading scientists from across the world in addition to academics and decision-making government officials who direct R&D activities, plan research programs or manage portfolios of research activities.

In 2012, YFEL members participated in the IEEE Technology Time Machine 2012 that offered them an opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary discussions about social impacts of new technologies and to trigger an extensive discourse on the contribution of future technologies to tackling major global challenges.

In order to create an optimal learning environment, YFEL scheduled a week-long calendar of events for the members, who had informal interaction with other delegates, senior business leaders and world-renowned innovators. The Symposium additionally provided YFEL members with the opportunity to visit leading research institutes and other key industrial facilities.